Creative.  Crafty.  Determined.  Goofy.  Caring.  Passionate.  Christian.  Mom.  Wife.  Awkward.  Dreamer.  Doer.

Hi!  My name is Lecia Floyd and I am so glad that you found my page.  Whether you know me, know someone who knows me or just happened upon me, I'm glad you're here!

I love all things creative and crafty!  Although I'm not able to create in all mediums, I have such an appreciation for them!  I have three main areas that I create in:  Graphic Design, Custom Wreaths and Photography.  Kinda crazy because those three have nothing to do with each other, but they are my happy places!

I have around 8 years experience with graphic design, and the other areas are just hobbies that turned into passions.  I also have a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts & Science.  Pretty much just a fancy degree that means I'm nerdy (and proud of it).

I invite you to wander around my website and check out some of the things I've created, then let me know what I can create for you.

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